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Notice of Water Shortage Emergency Warning

Coastside County Water District Declares a Water Shortage Emergency Warning
Mandatory water use restrictions to promote water conservation

Multiple and consecutive years of drought conditions have impacted the District’s water supply sources. In response to the constraints on the District’s water supplies, the District has declared a water shortage emergency and implemented mandatory water use restrictions to promote water conservation and to eliminate water waste.

On March 24, 2022, the Board of Directors held a public hearing and adopted Ordinance No. 2022-01 which contains water use restrictions and prohibitions under a Stage 2 – Water Shortage Emergency Warning – of the District’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan. The Ordinance can be found on the District’s website.

The focus of the Ordinance is to reduce irrigation and outdoor water use within the service area by restricting spray irrigation and expanding on water waste prohibitions. The District encourages residential customers to meet the goal (voluntary) of not exceeding 50 gallons per day per person.

The District will be reaching out to customers in the coming weeks to explain the new water use restrictions and prohibitions.

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