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Water Rates

View from CCWD Water Storage Tank Overlooking Nurserymen's Exchange
View from water storage tank overlooking Nurserymen's Exchange

Water Consumption Charges

PDF Rate and Fee Schedule
PDF Resolution No. 2017-01, Amending Rate and Fee Schedule to Increase Water Rates

Bi-Monthly/Monthly Base Charge

The following base charge is the minimum charge to be paid by all customers either on a bi- monthly or monthly basis. Customers may be billed on a bi-monthly or monthly basis depending on type of meter, customer class, service address, or water usage:

Size of Meter Bi-Monthly Base Charge Monthly Base Charge
5/8 x 3/4 inch $52.20 $26.10
5/8 - 2 Dwelling Units $104.39 $52.20
3/4 inch $78.45 $39.23
3/4 - 2 Dwelling Units $156.89 $78.45
1 inch $130.76 $65.38
1-1/2 inch $252.52 $126.26
2 inch $418.48 $209.24
3 inch $915.50 $457.75
4 inch $3,139.22 $1,569.61

Meters larger than 4 inches will be subject to base charges as determined by the Board of Directors.

Quantity Charge

In addition to the base charge set forth above, the following quantity charges shall be paid per one hundred cubic feet (hcf) of water delivered:

1. Residential Customers:

Quantity Delivered
(during bi-monthly
billing period)
Charge per hcf
0 – 4 hcf $9.65
5 – 16 hcf $10.77
17 – 30 hcf $13.89
31 or more hcf $18.41

2. All Other Customers:
$11.88 per hcf

Residential Customers: For purposes of Section 1, Residential Customers are single family homes, duplexes, condominiums, townhouses and all apartment buildings with individual meters for separate residential dwelling units. Apartment houses with a single "master meter" measuring consumption within multiple dwelling units are not "Residential Customers" for purposes of this Section 1.

PDF See also the easy reference chart for Quantity Charges – All Customers.